People are abandoning traditional landlines in favor of cable or internet based phone services. This presents reliability issues for traditional alarm monitoring.

Instead we recommend our radio our GSM based reporting technology.b starlinkgsm

The benefits are:

Intruders can’t disable your system by cutting your phone line or cable from outside your home. It doesn’t care what phone service you use. It’s signals are transmitted independently using long range radio technology invented for government mission critical communications, or the cell networks. Our established “mesh network” of existing radios in your area all act as repeaters, meaning your signals have multiple paths to our U.L. Listed Monitoring Centers.

Our clients enjoy fast and professional service from operators who are highly trained in dispatch procedures, and good old fashioned courtesy. Your call will always be answered by a live operator. No automated voice response systems!

Our three monitoring centers are interconnected, and all three have their own redundant systems.*


 *UL approved monitoring provided by USA Central Station (our affiliate of more than 30 years).