• Leading edge technology for on-the-go control of your security system that you expect.
  • Economical systems for small homes and apartments. Start with a starter pack and customize as you wish.
  • For larger homes we have systems that can integrate with many other sub systems and third party control systems.
  • Integrated smoke, heat, freeze alert, carbon monoxide detectors. Supervised detectors with central backup power connected to our system, and monitored 24/7 by our UL Listed Central Station ensures the signal gets to the Fire Department ASAP.
  • Enjoy discounts off your homeowner’s insurance of up to 20% that pay for the cost of monitoring.

What about a monitored fire alarm?

Life Safety trumps securing material possessions. Your security system, professionally installed by Welte Electronic Systems, LLC is also a UL approved Fire Alarm System. The advantage is a properly installed monitored fire alarm system will notify our monitoring station, who will dispatch the fire department. No stand alone smoke detector will do that. If a fire spreads too quickly, and occupants are not able to escape or reach a working phone prescious time may be wasted before someone notices the fire and alerts the authorities. Don’t let that happen to you.

You can also ensure you get the maximum discount from your homeowners insurance policy. In some cases your policy may require a monitored fire alarm system. Call us for a free consultation on fire code requirements for your home. Click here to contact us.


When you install a carbon monoxide (CO) detector, wouldn’t it be great to know it’s offering the protection it promises? The CO1224T and CO1224TR (round) detectors from System Sensor offer RealTest — the first and only functional CO test fully compliant with NFPA 720: 2009. With RealTest, a simple short spray of canned CO is all it takes to know the detector is doing its job.