Video Verification

Video Verification

What is video verification? It is a way of checking the validity of an emergency alarm using a video camera. With WES, this is accomplished via high-quality digital video cameras which transmit videos via the internet any time that there is an emergency event (ie. motion, vibration, glass breaking, door opening, etc.. while the system is armed).

So why do I need it?

One of the biggest problems with current alarm systems is the abundance of false alarm calls (as many as 98% false alarm calls). Most alarm companies promote very questionable strategies for ‘false alarm reduction’ as their key selling point, as they are not able to provide verification. With video-verification, monitors can actually visually check for themselves that the alarm is or is not a real emergency, and then be better informed to take appropriate action. Because of WES, this is all done quickly and easily from a remote location and from almost any communication device.

Because most break-ins occur while the owner is away, it is often impossible to verify an emergency in time to intervene. With WES, it is now possible to follow all of the emergency procedures remotely. This is opposed to the old method where the owner (or a guard service) would need to actually physically go to the property and visually check for a break-in. This process is generally inconvenient, time-consuming, and potentially dangerous! Remote verification is increasingly being implemented, and in some states, verification is becoming a requirement for police response.

The main benefit is that with visual confirmation of a break-in or other emergency, police WILL respond and they will do so quickly. In a word…

Whether hardwired or wi-fi enabled, cameras can be added almost anywhere. If your decor requires discreet cameras we can provide covert cameras resembling clock radios, motion detectors, smoke detectors, pencil sharpeners and more. Contact us to see how easy and cost effective it is to add a video to your security system.

How does it work?

  • 1. Detection – When an alarm is triggered at your Alarm Panel, the signal is passed to the on-site WES Camera.
  • 2. Video Capture – The camera immediately sends the TRIGGER message to the server. Video clips are recorded whenever there is movement in the field of view of the camera. These recordings are sent over the Internet to the Server, which records the event and stores the video clips for retrieval by the customer. From the secured web application, the customer can view, save and send both these recorded clips, as well as live videos.
  • 3. Notification – The Server starts the notification process by sending an emergency message to the people and devices on the notification list (ie keyholders).
  • 4. Verification – When a User acknowledges the message, he/she can then view the affected premise in real-time as well as viewing captured video, on any wired or wireless Internet device. This gives the user the ability to confirm that there is a real break-in, or to simply ignore any non-emergencies.┬áThis is the real difference that WES’s video verification makes!
  • 5. Response!! – Immediately upon verification, the police can be called with a VERIFIED, IN-PROGRESS Emergency. This kind of verification will ensure that police will respond at high-priority CODE 3 (lights & sirens). Verification of an emergency is the ONLY way to get this kind of response.