Video Surveillance

Commercial Video Surveillance

  • With years of experience installing and servicing video surveillance systems we can recommend a quality video camera system that meets your needs.
  • High Definition and mega pixel cameras provide evidence grade video. Read more about the benefits of network video surveillance here.
  • Remotely log-in through our secure portal or your networked recording device to access your cameras from any web enabled device.

Many factors affect determining the right video surveillance cameras and recording devices to use,including:

  • Direction of light sources
  • Environmental factors
  • What your expectations are for recorded evidence
  • Who many days of storage do you require
  • Existing available cabling infrastructure

The professionals at WES obtain manufacturer agnostic training on the fundamentals of video security applications so we can analyze your unique circumstances. In addition, we “bench test” equipment from several manufacturers so that we can recommend the proper solution.

Remote Video Monitoring…. How can it help your business?  A sound video surveillance system will act as a deterrent, but like anything else, has its limitations. Certain low light conditions, face masks, odd angles, together, can limit the effectiveness of recorded video as evidence. Not to mention it’s after the fact!

Alarm and networking technology, along with our monitoring centers provide an effective set of tools to alert authorities of crimes in progress.